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Launching at the Show

Launching this March at the Somerset Business Show, Small Business Masterclass offers small businesses the world-class knowledgebase, training, coaching and support you need to get your business delivering better results for you and your customers ... all in your own time and without leaving your screen of choice!

Graeme Crosbie of Level Up has been coaching independent West Country businesses for over 10 years, helping them master the skills and knowledge they need to grow their businesses, grow their teams and grow themselves.  And through those 10 years of speaking with independent business owners, he has learnt that it is not Money which stops business owners accessing training and support, but Time.  Your time as a business owner is your most precious and scarce commodity, and that you cannot always commit to investing large blocks of your time to learning and development.

It's also true that training and knowledge is best delivered in small, bite-sized pieces which are easy to understand, easy to put into context and easy to remember.  Be honest, in an hour of 'classroom' training, how much do you actually remember and are you able to apply?  We estimate anything between 15 and 25% at an absolute maximum.

And finally, there's a lot to it ... running a successful business AND being on top of the key business areas of Planning, Marketing, Sales, Money, Service, Team, People and Self is a complicated challenge.  So in your journey to success you have to build your knowledge one brick at a time, but make sure you get them laid before the cement sets....

So Graeme has devised the Small Business Masterclass - and you can get on board without cost or obligation by signing up at the Show for a Free Four Week trial, AND have the chance to win a full year's standard membership by signing up to our newsletter.   More details can be found at our Stand and at

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