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Martyn Sloman 10.15

Say "YES!" to dealing with "NO!"

Join Martyn Sloman "The Non-Pushy Sales Trainer" of Gold Dust Training to find out how to:

Deal with your biggest critic
Never be bothered by trolls again!
Find simple non-pushy methods to create opportunity from rejection

His methods focus on buyer friendly techniques that people feel confident and comfortable using. The days of manipulative techniques loaded with leading questions are for the sales dinosaurs!

• His training has resulted in businesses enjoying record breaking six figure orders!
• He's the Author of over 80 sales blogs
• Creator of 150 "1 Thing at 1" sales tips videos.

His 'non-pushy' yet agile and focused approach is perfect for today's buyer - the majority who are sick of feeling sold to.

He is hired by SMEs as well as brands such as Danone, Brandon Tool Hire & Roland who are now going through his E Learning sales training.


Caroline Bramwell 10.55

Breaking down barriers

A woman with grit and determination, Caroline has taken what she has learned from her triathlon training and is applying it to businesses.

• Author of ‘Loo Rolls to Lycra: The Ironman Dreams of an IBD Sufferer'
• UK Top 10 Female Entrepreneur - Cosmopolitan Magazine
• Venus Inspirational Woman of the Year
Her insight to breaking down barriers and fulfilling your dreams has motivated and inspired others to push their boundaries for success.

Caroline shares with us what drives her and how what she has learned has had such a powerful impact on life and business, and how applying this ethos to your business will help you to achieve things you never thought possible.

She has been engaged by the Devon & Cornwall Police, educational establishments and healthcare organisations.




John Holden 11.35

What's Your Side Hustle

John Holden is a Professional Network Marketeer who has built a substantial passive income through Network Marketing, he has learnt his skills and craft from the best in the business. By understanding, communicating and building business network platforms for 4Networking (Regional Leader) (Federation of Small Business Networking) and now is a director of his own highly successful Networking Group Calling All Businesses Ltd. This exciting talk on the future of how business are creating secondary incomes alongside their core business using leverage is fast becoming the norm. The UK Gig economy, or as its known in the USA as your Side Hustle is essential for survival in these uncertain times. If you rely on word of mouth recommendation and want to improve your chances of success in business, don't miss this insight into creating a passive income community of advocates who recommend you on through word of mouth.










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07.45 - 09.45

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The Somerset Business Show 2019


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Opening Keynote Speaker - Martyn Sloman Lounge 10.15
Keynote Speaker - Caroline Bramwell Lounge 10.55
Keynote Speaker - John Holden Lounge 11.35
Speed Networking  Kingfisher 12.15
Seminar - Mental Theft Lounge 13.00
Seminar - Heart of the South West Growth Hub Lounge 13.45
Seminar - Winning Tenders Lounge 14.10
Show closes Kestrel 15.00
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